Military & Family Readiness Center

The M&FRC provides programs and services to assist commanders in identifying, assessing, and minimizing personal and family related challenges to maintaining unit cohesion and strengthening operational readiness.

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Supporting Readiness By Helping Families And Single Military Members Adapt To The Demands Of The Air Force.

The population served includes DoD military, AFR, ANG, DoD Civilians, retirees, and eligible family members.

Programs & Services

The M&FRC operates under the Service Delivery model. This comprehensive customer service approach includes both outreach and center-based services. The following programs/services are offered by the M&FRC:

Air Force Aid Society (AFAS)

AFAS provides emergency assistance to Air Force and Space Force families when unexpected financial emergencies arise with no-interest loans and grants. These financial assistance programs help meet immediate financial emergency needs and help make a positive step toward a lasting financial solution. Additionally, AFAS provides support with Community Enhancement programs and Scholarships for family members.

Community Enhancement Programs:

Bundles for Babies: this class is designed to teach soon to be and new parents basic parenting skills, as well as essential financial skills to help them budget for their new baby – from birth to college. After completing the class, parents will receive a gift card from AFAS to help purchase some of baby’s first essentials.

For emergency assistance on issues such as emergency travel, car repairs, basic need assistance, etc., go to their website ( and submit your application.

Air Force Families Forever (AFFF) / Gold Star Families

The AFFF is a long-term aftercare program established to provide proactive outreach to family members who have lost a loved one that was at the time of death, serving on Active Duty in the United States Air Force. The program’s objective is to provide resources, support and information to help survivors adapt to life without their loved one and allows AFFF to remain part of the Air Force community, by giving them the opportunity to access support services and attend events. This program can provide services such as referrals for private and group counseling, sources or support in the local community and national support networks.

Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2)

M&FRC provides warriors and their families assistance in transition, employment, relocation, financial, as well as a variety of other areas of need. Ensures one-on-one pre-separation counseling, a self-paced Transition: Goals, Plans, Success Workshop (TGPS) option, and Capstone are accomplished for all Warrior & Survivor Care program participants. The M&FRC ensures a veterans benefits briefing, a disabled-transition assistance program counseling, and claim for disability compensation is provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
Hurlburt AFW2 Brochure

Discovery Resource Center

The M&FRC provides and maintains computers with internet connectivity, telephone, fax machine, scanner, copier, printer and informational material on service areas offered through the M&FRC. Reference materials are available for checkout.

Emergency Family Assistance Center (EFAC)

The M&FRC activates the EFAC upon direction from the Installation Commander. The EFAC serves as the focal point for victim and family assistance services after a natural disaster or manmade incident. The primary mission of the EFAC is to be a one-stop shop to integrate services that address the practical and emotional needs of families of potential DoD casualties and personnel affected by a disaster. EFAC Hotline (activated after emergency): 877.571.7209.

Employment Assistance Program

The M&FRC provides information and assistance to enhance marketability, job search skills, and employment opportunities. The program maintains partnership with the Department of Labor to stay current with local labor market information. M&FRC counselors assist clients with establishing career goals and assessing career objectives by offering classes. Along with classes, clients also have the opportunity for one-on-one appointments to discuss personalized career and employment opportunities. We offer multiple job fairs throughout the year.

Employment related classes include:

Resume Readiness: This class will teach the tools necessary to create a resume that will get you to the interview for your desired job!

The Art of Interviewing: The dos and don’ts of interviewing are introduced, along with the types of interviews and interview stages. Learn how to dress the part to make a great first impression and how to answer various types of questions.

Federal Employment: Interested in Federal Civil Service Employment? Learn about the different procedures for researching and applying for positions with all agencies as well as developing a federal resume.

Getting Started with LinkedIn: Learn the value of creating a professional social media profile to get noticed by hiring managers and connect to industries of choice.

Spouse Employment Program:
This program assists family members with career planning, improving employment-related skills, and identifying vocational interests. Individual career counseling, assessment, development, and decision-making are key elements of this program. Classes, workshops, computers, and one-on-one assistance are available.

EFMF Support Specialist (EFMP-FS)

The Air Force is committed to providing consistent, quality support to military special needs family members while striving to promote self-sufficiency and resiliency in the EFMP arena. EFMP is offered by all branches of the military and offers several support functions. EFMP-FS is the community support function provided by M&FRCs to enhance the quality of life of family members with special needs and provides services to more than active-duty members/families. Customers include DoD military, Geographically Separated Unit (GSU) personnel, DoD civilians, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, retirees, spouses of deployed members, and personnel from other military branches of service.

EFMP-FS Services include:

  • Information and Referral
  • One-on-One Consultations
  • Advocacy and Empowerment
  • On and Off-Base Resources
  • Education and Support
  • Relocation Assistance
  • EFMP Family, Child, and Adult Activities
  • Respite Care Options (Short-term childcare to help reduce family’s stress)

Information & Referral

The M&FRC assist individuals and families identify and clarify needs, determine appropriate forms of assistance and provide linkage to resources. The M&FRC maintains list of base and community programs and services to meet Airmen and family needs to include marriage and family needs, crisis intervention, childcare needs, employment, and spouse education. The M&FRC publicizes services, activities, and events via the M&FRC monthly calendar, Hurlburt M&FRC Facebook page, Hearts Apart, EFMP, and Key Spouse Facebook groups, Force Support website (, Commanders’ Calls, First Sergeants’ meetings, Key Spouses’ meetings, unit liaison contacts, and the Community Action Team (CAT). Appropriate referral is ensured through follow-up and evaluation of follow-up data to determine if the need has been met as well as the value of the referral resource used.

Commander’s Key Support Program

This official Air Force unit family readiness program is designed to enhance mission readiness and resilience and establish a sense of community. The Commander’s Key Support Program is a volunteer-based unit commander’s initiative that promotes partnerships with unit leadership, families, Key Spouses, Key Spouse Mentors, the Military and Family Readiness Center (M&FRC), and other helping agencies. The M&FRC provides all standardized and continuing required training.

Commander’s Key Spouse Corner
Commander’s Cliff Notes
Commander’s Key Spouse Guide
Appointment Letter Template
Volunteer Form DD2793

Key Spouse/Mentor Corner
Key Spouse Guide
Key Spouse Mentor Guide
Key Spouse Tool Kit
Key Spouse Resignation Letter

Personal and Family Readiness for Deployments

The M&FRC is ready to assist and educate military families during times of mobilization, deployments, remote assignments, and local natural emergencies. Services across the four phases of the deployment cycle (pre-deployment, deployment, re-deployment and post-deployment) are provided for single and married Airmen and their families.

Pre-deployment briefings and consultations prepare members and families for their pending separation and help them get their personal affairs in order.

Deployment/Sustainment services address the needs of the families during the separation with the Hearts Apart program. This program offers monthly events for families of the deployed to connect, childcare vouchers, and materials for the spouse and children to better understand the deployment cycle and prepare for the return of their loved one.

Re-deployment/Reintegration briefings are offered to Airmen returning from the Area of Responsibility (AOR) as well as to families and co-workers of the re-deployers to smooth the transition back into the community.

Post-deployment follow-up services focus on the well-being of reconnecting members, their families and their units.

      Resources include:

Personal and Work Life

This program promotes community wellness and assists with the readiness and resiliency of the force across the life cycle. The M&FRC provides consultation and assistance to base leadership to address, team building, problem-solving and communication techniques. The program provides active-duty military, retirees, guard and reservists, DoD civilians and family members a range of prevention and enrichment services designed to strengthen their resiliency in dealing with the demands of military life. The focus is on promoting, enriching, and improving work/home balance, resulting in increased quality of life and resiliency.

Programs & Services:

  • Skills building designed to enhance work/life competencies.
  • Consultations, assessments and educational services for squadrons, units and groups.
  • Coordination and planning of special events such as onsite classes and courses, to include Resiliency Days and Events.


  • Four Lenses
  • True Colors
  • Prepare/Enrich
  • 5 Love Languages

Experiential Learninghelps organizations build high-performance teams through hands-on activities that are fun and interactive. We consult with the organization to determine the long-term plans and desired outcomes wanted for the team and create a set of activities that helps get results.

Educational Classes, Trainings, and Groups:

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Active Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Time Management
  • Resiliency
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Stress Management
  • A-B-C’s of Decision making

      Personal Financial Readiness Services

      The M&FRC assists active-duty members, retirees and civilians as well as their families in the development of a financial plan that addresses consumer education and awareness, credit and debt management, credit score review and rebuilding, as well as retirement planning. In addition, a robust education plan that includes savings, investing, home buying/selling, credit score, etc. is available to ensure financial readiness to all DoD cardholders and their families. One-on-one financial counseling is offered with one of our accredited/certified financial counselors as well as group seminars and classes. The M&FRC also helps members meet their mandatory financial literacy touchpoints IAW 10 US Code Sec 992 through classroom/individual counseling when myVector is not available or not preferred by the member.

      Mandatory Touchpoints Offered Through 1-1 Counseling or Classroom Instruction

      • Initial Entry Training
      • Arrival at First Duty Station
      • Arrival at Subsequent Duty Station (E-4/O-3 and below)
      • Promotion (E-5/O-4 and below)
      • Vests in the TSP
      • Pre-Deployment
      • Post-Deployment
      • Birth of a Child
      • Marriage
      • Divorce

        PFR Seminars, Briefings and Workshops:

      • Debt Management
      • Million Dollar Airman/Guardian
      • Credit Reports/Scores Management
      • Thrift Savings Plan Briefings (TSP)
      • Home Buying & Selling
      • Blended Retirement System (BRS)
      • Finances for Transitioning Members
      • Identity Theft Protection
      • Car Buying Strategies
      • Consumer Awareness
      • Relationships and Money
      • Money Personalities
      • How to Survive the Holidays Financially
      • Gambling Awareness
      • Divorce & Money
      • Military Pay Issues
      • Money & the Move
      • Paying for College
      • Raising Financially Fit Kids
      • Your Insurance Needs
      • Renting Considerations
      • Family Financial Planning
      • Retirement Planning

      Relocation Assistance Program (RAP)

      The Relocation Assistance Program minimizes the stress associated with a permanent change of station, separation or retirement. Services provide information relevant to the areas where individuals (military, dependents and DoD civilians) will be relocating through classes, one-on-one counseling or via online services. Some of the programs and services provided by the relocation assistance programs are:

      Newcomer’s Orientation: This briefing is held twice a month and is intended for all new arrivals to Hurlburt Field. Managed by the M&FRC, this orientation involves multiple base agencies, mandatory briefers, and 1 SOW mission briefing. Spouses are encouraged to attend.

      Plan My Move Class: Tips and Tools for families and Airmen PCS’ing CONUS (Stateside to Stateside) or OCONUS (Overseas). This class is mandatory for everyone with less than four years of service and/or first PCS CONUS, OCONUS or Remote.

      Welcome Spouse and Coffee & Connections: Allows spouses new to Hurlburt Field the opportunity to make new friends, become familiar with Hurlburt Field, find out about programs and services available to them and ask as many questions as they’d like! Welcome Spouse provides a field trip to a base agency and tour while Coffee & Connections is held at the M&FRC for spouses to explore installation and center resources.

      Child Care for PCS:The Air Force Aid Society will pay up to 20 hours of child care, per child for AD families arriving or departing – referrals provided at the M&FRC.

      Online Relocation tools: Worldwide relocation information on major military and associate installations for use by service men and women, DoD civilians and their families during permanent change of station moves.

      Resources Include:

      If you have questions regarding relocation, or need help connecting with a sponsor, call or email us.

      Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

      Transition Assistance Program

      Separating Or Retiring From The Military?

      Begin The Process By Completing The Two Forms Below.

      1. Self-assessment Worksheet
      2. Individual Transition Plan (ITP)

      Email Completed Forms To The M&FRC Tap Org Box

      A Transition Counselor Will Be Assigned; Expect To Be Contacted To Schedule Your Initial Counseling Appointment for Tier determination and TAP mandate registration (courses/workshops) during this appointment. 

      The M&FRC manages Base-level Transition Assistance Program (TAP) activities. TAP provides the preparation needed to ensure a smooth separation or retirement from the Air Force back to the civilian community. All members are Congressionally mandated to begin TAP as follows:

      SEPARATEES: Process begins 14-18 months before Date of Separation (DOS)
      RETIREES: Process begins 24 months before Retirement Date

      Step 1: Complete the Initial Assessment at: (located to the right of this page). You will then be assigned a Transition Counselor and contacted to schedule your Initial Counseling appointment.
      Step 2: The Initial Counseling appointment, 365+ days prior to Separation or Retirement; eForm 2648 will be initiated by your Transition Counselor.
      Step 3: Attend a Pre-Separation Briefing 365+ days before date of separation or retirement. Immediately following the Pre Separation Briefing, your Transition Counselor will update the eForm 2648 for you to digitally sign indicating completion of the PreSeparation Phase. The email will come from Enterprise Solutions (not your Transition Counselor) and may arrive in your SPAM folder. You and the Transition Counselor will sign the form. This accomplishes the 1st of TWO signatures required on the form.
      Step 4: Complete the 3-day TAP Core Curriculum mandates:
      VA Benefits and Services Day
      DoD Transition Day:
      Managing Your (MY) Transition
      Military Occupational Classification (MOC) Crosswalk, and
      Financial Planning for Transition
      DoL One-Day Employment Fundamentals of Career Transition (EFCT)
      Members unable to attend TAP courses in a “brick and mortar” classroom have the option of completing the mandates virtually through the Transition Online Learning (TOL) site. See your Transition Counselor for details, and logon information.

      You may register for additional courses offered by your M&FRC, such as MEB Orientation (if applicable), Employment Assistance classes, VA Women’s Open Forum, etc. You are also encouraged to register your spouse for the Spouse Transition and Readiness (STAR) class enabling them to better prepare for the upcoming transition.

      Step 5: When you are within 12, but NLT 3-months prior to separation or retirement and all TAP mandates have been met, you and your Transition Counselor must meet in-person to accomplish the Capstone Review appointment. This session is to validate mandate accomplishment and afterwards, you both will sign the eForm 2648 obtaining the 2nd set signatures required on the form. Your eForm will then automatically transfer to the Commander (or their Designee) for the 5th and final signature.

      2-Day Tracks

      Employment Track: Assist members seeking employment with resume writing, interviewing skills, networking, labor market information, LinkedIn, and the Federal employment process.
      SBA Entrepreneurship (Boots to Business) Track: Provides an overview of entrepreneurship and application business ownership fundamentals. It includes business plan development. There is an optional 8-week online portion afterwards, if interested.
      Education Track: Service members pursuing college education will receive guidance to prepare for the application process.
      Vocational (Career & Credential and Exploration [C2E]) Track: Assist members with establishing career goals, evaluating training options, and building an action plan.

      Additional Classes/Workshops and Programs:

      MEB Class: Assist members being processed for potential VA disability with the information and resources needed to navigate the process.
      VA Women’s Open Forum: Provides transitioning servicewomen with gender specific information for a better understanding of available resources, programs, services, and information to utilize after separation or retirement.
      Spouse Transition and Readiness Workshop (STAR): This class is designed to provide information and resources to spouses of active-duty members transitioning from the military. A spouse panel shares personal experiences with the transition process and the information fair provides agency-specific materials.
      Veteran’s Services Offered Benefits Delivery at Discharge (BDD):
      The Disability Claim’s Process:
      Member must be 180 – 90 days from separation or retirement to start this process.
      Member must obtain copy of medical, dental, and mental health records on CD prior to appointment.
      Medical records may be reviewed by a representative from the Florida Department of Veteran’s Affairs or a representative from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.
      Submit claim to the VA
      Complete a Separation History Physical Examination (SHPE) with physicians contracted by the VA.
      Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) Program: The VR&E program assists eligible Service Members and Veterans with job training, employment accommodations, resume development, and job seeking skills coaching. Other assistance may be provided to help Veterans start their own business or independent living services for those with a severe disability and unable to work in a traditional employment setting. Service Members and Veterans with a disability rating of 20% or more may be eligible for this program. For more information, contact the Hurlburt Field VR&E representative at 850.884.1604.

      Volunteer Resource Program (VRP)

      Volunteerism affords ID card holders the opportunity to participate on Hurlburt Field and in the surrounding community with agencies/organizations seeking volunteer assistance. The VRP is a clearinghouse to coordinate the volunteer efforts at Hurlburt Field by serving as an information source, a placement service, and as part of a referral network. Whether you are seeking professional job experience or a chance to help others, volunteering will provide the chance to document hours earned and to gain work experience for inclusion on your next job application or resume.

      Voting Assistance Program

      The Hurlburt Field Voting Assistance Program is here to help active duty members and their immediate family members of voting age exercise their right to vote! We can assist with registering to vote, requesting an absentee ballot and notifying local election officials back home of a change of address. We have several other resources to assist voting before and after a change in assignment, a deployment and a separation or retirement. For more information on absentee voting, visit or contact the Installation Voting Assistance Program at  850.884.5441.

      Voting Assistance Information Sheet

      Military Family Life Consultants

      This program assists family members with career planning, improving employment-related skills, and identifying vocational interests. Individual career counseling, assessment, development, and decision-making are key elements of this program. Classes, workshops, computers, and one-on-one assistance are available.


      Upcoming Events