Aquatic Center

Aquatic Center Rules

  1. Patrons are required to read and abide by all rules and policies. Persons not following the rules will be asked to leave; no refunds will be given.
  2. Show proper ID and sign-in each time before entering the Aquatic Center.
  3. Maximum capacity of the pool is 200 patrons. Upon reaching maximum capacity, no one will be allowed to enter the facility until patron number falls below 200.
  4. Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Children 11-13 may enter the pool alone provided they pass a 25 yard swim test.
  5. All patrons are required to shower before entering the pool.
  6. Any patrons with open cuts, wounds or sores are NOT allowed to enter the pool.
  7. Swimsuits are required in the pool; no denim material allowed. Additionally, children in cloth or disposable diapers are not permitted in either the baby pool or the main pool. Swim diapers are required
  8. Prohibited activities include but are not limited to the following:
    horseplay, running, pushing, profanity, diving(except in specified area), flips, spins, going off backwards, loud shouting, and water guns.
  9. Tobacco use of any kind (Cigars, Cigarettess, E-Cigs, Vaping, Chewing Tobacco, etc), food, glass containers, gum, and drinks (other than water) are prohibited in the Aquatic Center. No fins or snorkels are allowed unless they are used for organizational training purposes.
  10. Please be courteous. Do not disrupt any classes.
  11. One short whistle calls for attention; a long whistle clears the pool. When directed to seek shelter under pavilions, patrons must remain under pavilions until directed by the lifeguard.
  12. All flotation devices must remain within the roped-off shallow area of the pool.
    Only Coast Guard approved floats, ask
    lifeguard if in doubt.
  13. Stay out of the way of lap swimmers and no hanging on or going over ropes.
  14. Children unable to swim must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.
  15. Adult swim occurs for 15 minutes at quarter to the hour every hour. You must be 18 or older to swim during this time frame.
  16. If any problems occur please notify a lifeguard as soon as possible.
  17. Final interpretation of the rules is for the lifeguard to make; all decisions are final and will be enforced.
  18. No Pets Allowed.

Isolation Float Tanks

Use by reservation, call 884-6866 to schedule, $40/hr sessions, sessions available Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-1 p.m.

Float tanks, also known as sensory deprivation tanks, provide Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST). The main goal of the float tank is to create an experience with minimal sensory stimulation when inside, allowing you to relax, ease your mental anxiety, and relax muscle tension. Epsom salt and the water solution relax your muscles and make floating easier, and heated to skin temperature. Once entering the float tank, simply close the lid to create a dark, quiet and meditative environment. The tank is also soundproof, preventing noise from causing distractions.

Many of the float tank sessions tend to be ½ to 1 hour long.The floatation tanks located at Hurlburt Field are available for any valid DoD ID Card Holder, to use year-round.

  • Float 1h/$40
    Includes a private tank, calming music, led lighting, and your choice of ear plugs or a floating head rest so your ears willnot be exposed to the water.
  • Shower before entering with sulfate-free shampoos and body wash.
  • Eat light meal, & avoid caffeine for at least 4 hrs

For proper float attire: men are advised to wear snug fitting swimsuits or compression shorts, and recommended to refrain from wearing loose shorts/swimsuits as they can interfere with the floating. For women, it is advised that swim suits be worn.

Float tanks help with a variety of issues, ranging from anxiety and stress to physical aches and pains. When it comes to the physical benefits to float therapy, patrons may see improvements with conditions like: chronic pain from arthritis, muscle tension, whiplash symptoms such as a stiff neck, immune function, high blood pressure, and recovery after injuries, fatigue, insomnia and other sleep disturbances. Since Epsom salts are high in magnesium, they can provide relief from migraines, and stress relief of aches or pains in the body.In addition, there are mental health benefits as well. Float therapy has been shown to reduce the symptoms of: depression, anxiety, high stress levels, and PTSD. Many people with PTSD have reported that the float tank creates a safe place for them to process traumatizing memories, as well as mitigating anxiety or depression.

Call to schedule an appointment, visit the Hurlburt Aquatic Center during published hours of operation.