Located off Red Horse Rd. 76

Rifle & Pistol Club

The Hurlburt Field Rifle and Pistol Club provides a ten-lane 20-yard range and a twenty-two lane 50/100/200-yard range for recreational shooting.

Located off red horse rd. near combat arms training ranges.

The Club is located just off Red Horse Road, 200 yards east of the Combat Arms Training complex (CATM).

Annual Membership Dues: $75. Members are granted lane share privileges with completion of additional training. Guest fees are currently $10 per day.

Basic pistol/FL CCW classes are conducted by appointment.

The Rifle Club sponsors classes on Ammunition Reloading,
Long Range (600-yard) Rifle , as well as NRA High-Power and Small-Bore Competitions.

Project Appleseed (an excellent 2-day class on rifle marksmanship principles) is held four times a year (Feb, Apr, Sep and Nov).

Club membership includes access to the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), allowing members to purchase surplus military rifles (e.g., M1 Garand).

Regular business meetings are also held in the Club House (6pm on the 1st Wednesday of each quarter).

Application and annual renewals are every Saturday morning from 8-10am in the Club House adjacent to the ranges (Bldg. 99535). Additional information can be found at forums.delphiforums or by contacting 1SOFSS.FSCO@us.af.mil or call Outdoor Recreation
at 850.884.6939.

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