Open Recreation & Preteen

The Open Recreation Program hosts instructional classes, monthly pre-teen dances, a variety of special activities and free choice of game room and gym activities. The program also includes clubs and initiatives to help foster healthy living, safety awareness, and vital leadership skills.


Don't Delay, Join Today!

Preteens ages 9-12 have the opportunity to join the Open Recreation Programs. Youth Programs is affiliated with Boys and Girls Clubs of America and 4-H to provide quality programming that promotes positive youth development.

Other opportunities in Youth Programs include specialty camps, instructional classes, and special events. Some of the features within the Open Recreation Program include a pool table, computers for homework, wifi, 3-D printer, game systems, Nature Explore Outdoor Certified Classroom, and more. Registration is $120 per year (prorated by month). All Registrations expire July 31 of each year.

Youth Sponsorship

Are you moving to or from Hurlburt Field? If you are between the ages of 5-18 and would like to know more about Hurlburt, please let us know. We will put you in touch with someone your own age that will answer all your questions.

Pre Teen Programs

Torch Clubs are small-group character and leadership clubs for preteens within Youth Programs. Torch Club members elect officers and work together to implement projects in the four focus areas: service to Club and community; education; health and fitness; and social recreation. Preteens that are a part of Torch club will volunteer at Youth Center and base events, develop service projects, and serve as role models among their peers.

The Arts

Preteens will have the chance to foster their creativity through different arts programming. Throughout the year, programs will teach different art techniques that will be showcased in the BGCA National Arts Competition. The ImageMakers National Photography Program is another way preteens can learn about different art programs. 4-H programs in the arts include available curriculum and county events.

Sports and Recreation

Preteens have access to indoor and outdoor facilities that promote motor skills. Programming that teach physical fitness, goal setting, and stress management include, Triple Play and the Michael Phelps IM Program.

Health and Wellness

Preteens are able to learn about life skills such as self-esteem, positive relationships, good health, responsibility, and more through programs such as SMART Girls, SMART Moves, and Passport to manhood.


Preteens have access to homework assistance and participate in high-yield learning activities through the PowerHour Program. Our STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) center is meant to inspire preteens to pursue education and careers in those areas that might interest them. Focus areas the STEAM center include robotics, engineering, technology, and life sciences.