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Auto Hobby Shop

552 Hamby Place, Bldg. 90612 • 884-6674
Mon: Closed • Tue–Thu: 9am–8pm • Fri–Sun: 9am–4pm

The Hurlburt Field Auto Hobby shop has made important improvements and extensions to the services it provides to you, our valued customers! Come to us for Oil Changes, Brake Repairs, Timing, Water Pumps and Suspension Repairs and receive a 15-Point Vehicle Inspection for a price you won't see at any off-base location!

The Auto Hobby Shop continues as a convenient place to work on your vehicle. It has eight lifts and 11 stalls, a paint booth, prep room, welding bay, and free oil and filter disposal. Qualified mechanics are always on hand to assist you with your project. For more information call 884-6674 or email heyfss@us.af.mil.

Not sure how we can help? Why pay hundreds or thousands more for the same quality work that we can do on-base for LESS... check out these prices!

Services and Prices

NEW! Vehicle Maintenance Performed by in-house staff (Brake Repairs, Timing, Water Pumps, Suspension Repairs, etc.): $70 per hour
• 45 Series or Smaller Tire Removal & Installation: $15
• 35" or Larger Tire Removal & Installation: $15
• 22" or Larger Tire Removal & Installation: $15
• Tire Disposal: $3 per tire
• Tire Removal & Installation: $7
• Tire Removal or Installation Only: $3
• Motorcycle Tire Removal & Installation: $20
• Motorcycle Tire Removal or Installation Only: $10
• Auto Wheel Balance or Check: $7
• Auto Stick-On Wheels or Check: $9
• Tire Plugs: $9
• Turn Brake Drums: $10
• Turn Brake Rotors: $12
• Sandblasting Cabinet: $8 flat rate
• Steam Cleaner: $15 per hour
• Stalls: $6 per hour
• Racks: $8 per hour
• Welding Bay: $15 per hour
• Bench or Press Work: $6 per hour
• Vehicle/Engine Storage: $3 per day, $75 per month
• A/C Service or Check: $40 plus freon cost (varies)
• Paint Booth: $75 per day*
• Paint Prep Bay: $7 per hour

*Paint Booth cancellation will only get back half your money.

*** Auto Hobby Shop is not responsible for damage to custom rims on self-service projects. ***

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Plaque and Trophy Shop

552 Hamby Place, Bldg. 90612 • 884-5294 plaque007@aol.com

The Plaque and Trophy shop is available to produce coins (civilian and USAF), Name Tags, Metal and Plastic Signs, Retirement Flag Cases, and other engraviing, stamp, and carving needs.