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202 Walkup Way, Bldg. 91360 • 884-7577 • To contact, fill out form below. Email:1SOFSS.FSRL.HurlburtRecycling@us.af.mil
Hours: Mon-Thu 7am-2pm, closed Friday thru Sunday and all Federal Holidays

In Accordance With Executive Order 13693, Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade; Sec. 3. Sustainability Goals for Agencies.  (j) Advance waste prevention and pollution prevention by: (ii) Diverting at least 50 percent of non-hazardous solid waste, annually, and pursuing opportunities for net-zero waste or additional diversion opportunities. The Hurlburt Field Recycling Center is located on the east-side of the base behind the Fire Station. The center strives to recycle as much as possible and enable the base to meet is mandated 50% solid waste diversion goal. The Hurlburt Community is encouraged to turn in recyclables to the recycle center or the drop off point at the far end of the Commissary parking lot. Pickups made to every building on base.

A percentage of the annual profits may be given to the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Fund activities. In addition, some profits may be allocated to help fund environmental prevention projects.


Please see documents listed on Recycling Guidance for more information.

Weekly Recycling Pick up Schedule

Click Here To See Household Hazardous Waste Flyer.

Friendly Reminders

**All paper, cardboard and aluminum should be separated for collection
**Please breakdown cardboard before placing in cardboard trailers and bulk totes.
**Please ensure all recyclables are outside for collection by 9am on designated collection day for your building.