Mortuary Affairs

The Hurlburt Field Mortuary Affairs Program is located in the Force Support Squadron main building (next to the Thrift Store). Mortuary Affairs strives to provide the best care and service for Air Force members and veterans and their families. In case of any incident, the Mortuary Affairs Officer and NCOIC should be contacted promptly for further guidance and assistance.

Any Mortuary Affairs Program questions can be forwarded to the following email address: or call us at (850) 884-2100, DSN 579-2100.


Mortuary Affairs884-2100, DSN: 579-2100
Provides information and assistance for Funeral Arrangements and Military Funeral Honors, as they pertain to: Funeral and Burial Benefits, Memorial Service Arrangements, Military Honors, Headstone and Memorial Maker and Flyovers

Casualty Assistance884-5280, DSN: 579-5280
Provides decedent's beneficiaries survivors assistance, as it pertains to: Death Gratuity Pay, Service Member's Group Life Insurance (SGLI), Unpaid Pay and Allowances, Miscellaneous Benifts and Social Security Administration

Chaplain Services884-7795, DSN: 579-7795
Act as members of the Notification Team and Critical Incident Stress Team to provide the following: Guidance in Planning Memorial/Funeral Services, Counseling Family/Squad/ those Effected and Spiritual/Practical Guidance.

Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC)884-5441, DSN: 579: 5441
Provides survivors assistance to the decedent's beneficiaries utilizing a highly trained and professional staff, as it pertains to: Relocation Assistance, Employment Assistance, Financial /assistance and Guidance and Grief education and support to do short term assessments, or can be referred to specialists. A&FRC Web Page

Additional Information

As the commander of a situation requiring our services, the main focus should be on the effected squadron and family members. The mortuary officer will request that the decedent's squadron commander locate and secure personal property and effects under Government control pending the appointment of a Summary Court Officer (SCO). We do not recommend that a squadron commander assume the role of a Family Liaison Officer (FLO) or SCO.

It is important to ensure that someone in the squadron has been properly trained by Mortuary Affairs on the Survivor Assistance Program. The commander will recommend a FLO and introduce this person to the surviving family. The FLO and family should be checked on regularly and be provided assistance when necessary. Please contact Mortuary Affairs when necessary, and all commander obligations will be discussed further.

Information Guide for Commanders and First Sergeants

As the SCO of a situation requiring our services, the main focus should be on the disposition of the deceased's personal property and effects. The SCO is responsible for collecting, securing, inventorying, and disposing of personal property of the deceased that is under military jurisdiction. AFI 34-244. AFI 34-244 identifies the responsibilities of SCO and others associated with the disposition of personal property and effects. It identifies the eligible recipients and describes the disposition process. Please contact Mortuary Affairs when necessary, and all SCO obligations will be discussed further.

Summary Court Officer

As the FLO of a situation requiring our services, the main focus should be on the needs of the decedent's family. A Family Liaison Officer is the connecting force between the AF and grieving family members. FLOs must keep a log of events, contacts, briefing contents, questions and solutions, and must provide the families with given information regarding ongoing investigations.

Any Active Duty Commissioned Officer and Senior NCO (E-7 or Higher for Families of Enlisted Members) can be a FLO. Special situations may require a waiver to this policy, but the rule will always be to do the right thing to benefit the family. Other Candidate Considerations to be FLOs are Crew Counterparts (if possible), Guard or Reservists, or civilian counterparts. The FLO is a person the family trusts, but cannot be a person deeply affected by the loss. Persons Preparing to Separate, PCS or Go TDY should also not be appointed as FLOs. This job is special and may last anywhere from a few months to a lifetime. Anyone fulfilling this role should be aware of these circumstances and be able to handle various reactions the family may have due to the loss of their loved one.

Please contact Mortuary Affairs when necessary, and all FLO obligations will be discussed further.

Family Liaison Officer Training