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Manpower and Organization

212 Lukasik Ave., Bldg. 90210 Room 134 • 884-6787
Mon–Fri: 7:30am–4pm

Provides professional, expert management consultation services, manpower resource management, wartime execution, and productivity programs support for the 1st Special Operations Wing.

IDEA Program
The Air Force Innovative Development Through Employee Awareness (IDEA) Program is an incentive program that promotes process improvement and/or resource savings through new and original ideas submitted by military and civilian employees. This is accomplished by encouraging a better way of doing business by fostering employee awareness and participation in the Air Force IDEA Program. Approved IDEA's are eligible for a cash award of $200 up to $10,000 per IDEA. View the IDEA Brochure

Submit your IDEA here https://ipds.randolph.af.mil
Contact TSgt Jennifer King at 884-6227 prior to any submissions.